Clarksville Boat Club
City of Clarksville, Missouri  
Jo Anne Smiley, Mayor
Clarksville City Hall                    Phone: 573.242.3336
111 Howard Street                    Fax: 573.242.3450
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Clarksville, MO 63336      
            The Clarksville Boat Club has its origins in or about 1956,
    when a group of Clarksville men saw the need for a boat ramp on
    the Clarksville riverfront.  Among the men involved in the early
    days of development were Vinton Skirvin, Charlie Busch, Jim
    Steele, Jack Rice and numerous others.  Donations were
    collected from local citizens for the construction of the boat
    ramp at the east end of Main Cross Street, on land leased from
    the City.

           As interest continued to grow the original group and new
    members held meetings throughout 1957, and it was decided to
    undertake the construction of a clubhouse.  The building was
    completed in about 1958, although several later additions have
    contributed to its present form.  Others known to have
    been early members of the Club included Charlie Bros, Lacy
    Bradshaw, Kenny Shuford, Joe Henry, and Jerry Pellikaan.

           A decision was made to incorporate the Club as a not-for-
    profit organization and the incorporation was completed in
    December of 1961.  The original Board of Directors included
    George Sellers, Dick Windmiller, Bill Lovell, William Weakley,
    M.F. Duvall, Jr., and G. Jack Jones, Jr.  Many records including
    the complete list of original members were lost in the flood of 1973.

           Since its formation, The Boat Club has served as one of the
    principal social organizations in Clarksville and has contributed
    greatly to the social activities of the area.  For several years in the
    late 1960's the Club sponsored a street fair in the city.

           When members of the Boat Club saw a need for a new ball
    diamond for the youth of the Clarksville area, they provided the
    leadership, skill, and labor needed for the construction of what
    was to become Cooper Field.  In addition, the paved area at the
    south end of the Club property, which was originally constructed
    as a tennis court for Club members, was for many years maintained
    as a basketball court for area youth.

           The Boat Club served for several years as a sponsor of
    Clarksville Boy Scout Troop 109.  The Club continues to serve
    as an occasional meeting place for other groups and organizations.

    (In 2006 the Club voted to reinstate the Basketball court at the
    location previously used for that purpose.)
City of Clarksville Missouri
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2012 Officers  

Joe Mabry     Commodore
Lonnie Sutton    Vice Commodore
Judy Allwood    Secretary  
Barbara Hubbard    Treasurer
Scott Smith   Sgt. At Arms
John Harmon     Managing Officer

Board of Directors  
Chairman:  Jim Dockery - 2012
Member:  Rob Starman - 2012
Member: Devlon Walker - 2012
Member:  Mike Smith - 2014
Member:  Keith Smith - 2014
Member:  Mindy Jensen  2014