Clarksville Community
Chamber of Commerce

2013 -2014
Joanna Brock     

Vice  President:
Shirley Underwood

Donna Ringling        

Judy Colbert       

This Association is organized for the purpose of advancing the economic,
industrial, professional, cultural and civic welfare of the Clarksville area and
thereby promoting the welfare of all area citizens.
City of Clarksville Missouri
            Jo Anne Smiley, Mayor
111 Howard Street                       Phone: 573.242.3336
P.O. Box 530                                Fax: 573.242.3450
Clarksville, MO 63336     Email:
History of the Clarksville   
Chamber of Commerce
Realizing the importance of having a civic organization which
would have the welfare and advancement of Clarksville as its        
main purpose, a group of local businessmen in March 1934           
organized the Merchants association as a medium for                    
promoting and advertising Clarksville as a desirable trading        
center.  Among its first projects was the giving of a coupon
with each one dollar purchase and on Saturday afternoons a         
drawing was held at the corner of Front and Howard Streets          
and a cow was given away to the holder of the lucky ticket.            
Other smaller prizes were also given.  This came to be known        
Cow Day and drew large crowds to town.

The next year, 1935, it was called to the attention of
merchants that the government was conducting a survey up            
and down the river for the purpose of determining a suitable         
location for Lock and Dam 24.  Surveys had been made near          
Louisiana at the mouth of Salt River and also near Elsberry.           
Members of the Merchants Association found out from some           
of the engineers that Clarksville was a more desirable location      
than either of the other two although politicians in                         
Washington were pulling for one of the others.  It took hard           
work on the part of local merchants in cooperation with the            
people across the river who were interested in a drainage             
project to get them to consider Clarksville.  Mass meetings
were held.  Petitions were circulated, the metropolitan press
was contacted and so much heat was built under the politicians
that they gave up and allowed the engineers to select the
location which they did.  The following year,
construction of Lock & Dam #24 began

With this victory the Merchants Association gained greater
confidence to undertake other projects.  The main thing                  
needed to start was capital.  In cooperation with City Council,          
the association offered to increase the merchants' licenses              
from $1 per year to $24 per year so that they would have the       
money to take advantage of a WPA project to pave the                   
Clarksville streets.  As a result a mile and a quarter of paving       
ranging from 20 to 30 feet wide was laid on some of the                
principal streets,  mostly in the business section at a total cost         
to the city of approximately $7,000.

The second big project undertaken by the Merchants
Association and the City was the organizing of a
.  It was financed by individual donation, and by        
fall of 1937 the fire truck was bought, equipped, a building           
built to house it in, and Hurley Oliver was selected as our first        
fire chief, in which capacity he served for 25 years.
By 1938 so much interest had been aroused and the value of         
such an organization proved in so many ways it was decided       
to change The Merchants Association into The Clarksville              
Chamber of Commerce.
 Jim Cooper was elected its first      
.  Under his administration discussion arose for          
ways to create more employment for local people by                     
investigating factories that might be induced to locate here.         
Consequently the next year, 1939 while Analdo Wallace was       
president, The Elder Garment Factory moved here from                
Wellsville into the old Opera House Building in which Nick           
Hartstine generously gave his half interest to the Chamber of      
Commerce.  Again the merchants went out and raised money        
and purchased the other half interest remodelled and                  
also in that  year the Chamber of Commerce in cooperation          
with other towns along Highway 79 was active in getting the       
highway changed from a gravel highway to a paved highway.

About this same time due to the poor electrical service
provided Clarksville, the City voted to build a municipal light       
plant in order to not only improve the service but also to             
provide more employment for local people.  
After two years, The Elder Garment Factory moved away
and several months later was replaced by Wells-Lamont              
glove factory.  After they exhausted the supply of white help        
available, finally they were persuaded to operate a section of     
the factory using colored people, something unheard of in the     
glove industry at that time.  It proved highly successful and          
operated for several years until Wells-Lamont began moving      
their factories farther south.  

The following men each served as President of the
Clarksville Chamber of Commerce:  Jesse O. Owen, Dr.                 
Hamilton, Ward Frank, Carl Huber, and Francis Buchanan.           
During that time the country engaged in World War II and             
very little development work could be done.  The Chamber of       
Commerce continued to meet regularly and assisted in all             
patriotic work and bond drives.  In 1946 Harold M. Creech          
was elected president and in that year the Chamber of                 
Commerce was incorporated.

In 1951 under the direction of John M. Estes, large
billboards along highway 54 and 79 were used to advertise         
Clarksville.  Also the Clarksville Development Association a          
subsidiary to the Chamber of Commerce was organized for            
the purpose of developing the river front and the Pinnacle
into recreation areas for the people of Clarksville and                 
Community, especially the youth.

In 1952 the members of the Chamber financed the
development of the Kamp-Togs Factory which included                   
repairing remodelling and painting the interior of the factory       
building and the installation of a new furnace.  It was hoped         
that the contributions made by the merchants would be                  
sufficient to put in a new brick front on the factory building.  It      
was also planned that the Development Association would
take up the housing problem of Clarksville.  ("The housing
shortage   is so acute here that it is a real detriment to the
growth of our town." 1953 report.

This information taken from TALES & TALK FROM DOWN IN PIKE
American Legion  *   Boat Club  *   Chamber of Commerce  *  Chautauqua GFWC
Garden Club  *  Lion's Club  *  Raintree Arts Council   *  VFW

For several years in the early twenties the men
had a Community Chamber   of Commerce and
in April, 1921, the Women's Chamber of
Commerce was organized.  The early records of
the latter have been lost, but it is believed that
Mrs. Frank Currie was the first president.  On
April 30, 1931, a special program was given in
honor of the tenth birthday of the organization.

    Membership in the Clarksville Area Community
    Chamber of  Commerce includes:
    *  Business Referrals
    *  Networking Opportunities
    *  Business Hosting Groups
    * - online with the City of         
    Clarksville web page Chamber of Commerce  
    Organizational news & listing.
    *   "Applefest" (October), City Wide Yard Sale,
    National Night Out and other annual events
    sponsored by the Chamber.
    *  Monthly general membership meetings
    *  Clarksville Area Chamber of Commerce Business

To join the Clarksville Community Chamber of Commerce
or for more information, contact 573-754-2310 or 573-242-3945

Installation of Officers - January 24, 2011
Linda Blakey, past president; Shirley           
Underwood President; Margie Greenwell,     
Vice-Presideent; Judy Colbert, Treasurer.
Not Pictured: Caron Quick, Secretary

2014 Membership
Bee Naturals
Bowood Gardens
B. T. Dove Antiques
CBC Bank
Clarksville Veterinary Clinic
Judy Colbert
Sue Lindemann
M&M Greenwell Fine Furniture
Raintree Arts Council

The Bent Tree Gallery
Shirley Underwood
Sky Ride LLC
Vesterbrook Farms

Village of the Blue Rose

The Clarksville Community Chamber of Commerce cordially invites you
to join our membership.

      We believe that you will enable us to achieve our purpose of advancing the economic,
      cultural and civic welfare of the Clarksville area

The Chamber wants to assist you and your business interest through networking, promotion,
communication, personnel location and advertising.  To that end, we have developed connections with
the Pike County Tourism Commission, the Tri-State Tourism Task Force of Missouri, Illinois and
Iowa and several web Events Listings.

The Chamber is service-oriented and will work to bring to you information on topics that are of
interest to you.  Your responsibility is to keep the Chamber informed on what those topics might be.
Any business firm or individual with interest in the Clarksville area is eligible for membership.  Your
annual cost is minimal as an individual – your combined memberships will be able to fund promotion.
Business $40.00   -   Individuals $10.00  -   Non-profits $10.00

The Clarksville Community Chamber of Commerce is developing a calendar of no less than monthly
events to draw tourism to Clarksville and no less than monthly events for our local friends.  No less
than quarterly, the Chamber will sponsor a fund raising event to draw visitors to town.
Calendar in Progress is on the other side of this invitation.

Meetings are scheduled on the 4th Monday of every month at the Visitor’s Center at 6:30PM.

Your membership and your participation are important to the welfare of City of Clarksville.
April 28, 2014

MEMBERS PRESENT: Joanna Brock, Judy Colbert, Donna Ringling, Rose Gronemeyer, Sue
Lindemann, Jo Anne Smiley, Wayne Smiley.
CURRENT MEMBERS: B.T. Dove, Bee Naturals, Bowood Gardens, BROCKS, CBC Bank,  
Clarksville Veterinary Clinic, Judy Colbert, Sue Lindemann, M & M Greenwell Fine Furniture,
Raintree Arts Council,  Shirley Underwood, Sky Ride LLC, The Bent Tree Gallery, Vesterbrook
Farms, Village of the Blue Rose
PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:  The pledge was led by President Joanna Brock.
SECRETARY’S REPORT: The minutes of the March meeting were approved as written on a
motion by Sue Lindemann and second by Donna Ringling.  All Ayes.
TREASURER’S REPORT: The treasurer’s report was approved as presented on a motion by JoAnne
Smiley and second by Rose Gronemeyer.  All Ayes.
Checking    $1299.39
                                                      Savings      $586.08                                                          
PayPal         $135.00
PRESIDENT’S REPORT:  Twenty eight membership applications were mailed on March 28, three
envelopes were undeliverable and three responses were received - CBC Bank, Bowood Farms and
Skyride LTD.
COMMITTEE REPORTS:  Joanna Brock is investigating the printing cost for the note cards of the
Clarksville Park Entrance.
A Bicentenial Committee was formed and the Board of Alderman approved the membership. They
will be having their initial meeting soon. The members are: Barb Meyer, Bill & Linda Blakey,  
Janie Busch, Steve Jones, Christopher Bove’.
Wayne Smiley suggested checking with Linda Blakey to see what is needed from the Chamber for
the Chili Cook off June 7. Sue Lindemann suggested a booth with brochures and sponsoring a 50-
50 raffle. The Village will provide the raffle tickets if needed.
A suggestion was made by Judy Colbert to purchase a 10’ x 10’ tent and banner for the Chamber
for use a various functions such as the Chili Cookoff.  The motion was made by Donna Ringling,
seconded by Sue Lindemann. All ayes.  Judy will investigate prices and purchase.
Sunflower seeds are available and various people are planting now for the Sunflower Days Artist
event July 26 & 27.  Judy Colbert will deliver sunflower seeds in small packages to City Hall with
instructions on how to plant them.
City Wide Yard Sale:  It was decided not to sponsor a City Wide Yard Sale this year. A future event
will need a Chairperson.  
Diva Days were a success. Trish Connelly, Jo Anne & Wayne Smiley delivered flyers to surrounding
Joanna Brock and Jo Anne Smiley will attend the Tri State Development Summit in Hannibal on
May 7.  Joanna will attend as the Clarksville representative with the Tri-State Tourism Task Force.
Wayne Smiley made a motion that the $40 fee be reimbursed to Joanna Brock, second by Sue
Lindemann. All Ayes.
City Wide Clean Up:  The City will decide on a date for the City wide clean up.   Perhaps the
Chamber could help with  monitoring the dumpsters.   
The social media is a good source of advertising. The Chamber website is a work in progress.  
Information is needed from Chamber members and web sites linked to the Chamber and City web
sites.  Joanna Brock volunteered to be the “collector” for Chamber information to be put on the City’
s website Chamber page for data entry by Jo Anne Smiley.
Sue Lindemann made a motion and Donna Ringling the second to have Joanna Brock purchase a
potted plant for Nathalie for up to $50.00 the purpose is to show our support after her restaurant
•        Joanna Brock will investigate the cost of note cards printing.
•        The Chamber will have a booth at the Chili Cookoff and sell 50/50 raffle tickets.
•        Judy Colbert will purchase tent and banner for this and future events.
•        Judy Colbert will provide sunflower seeds and planting instructions to City Hall.  
•        Chamber members will plant sunflowers everywhere.
•        Joanna Brock will be a collection point for information to the City website.
•        Joanna Brock will prepare a work schedule for the Chamber booth at Chili Cookoff.
SET AGENDA FOR NEXT MEETING:  Barb Chappuis will be invited to talk to the group about
boosting “hits” on facebook.
SPECIAL PROGRAM: Lori Helkey from the Louisiana YMCA gave a presentation on the need for
volunteers for the Reach & Rise Mentoring Program for at risk youth in the community. They have
a grant to cover a 15 hour training program. Upon completion of the training, the mentor would be
required to commit an hour a week   for a year to mentor a child  6 to 17 years old.        
ADJOURN: Motion to adjourn by JoAnne Smiley, seconded by Sue Lindemann  Meeting
adjourned at 8 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Donna Ringling, Secretary