Chautauqua GFWC
City of Clarksville, Missouri  
       Jo Anne Smiley, Mayor
Clarksville City Hall                                                             Phone: 573.242.3336
111 Howard Street                                                                  Fax: 573.242.3450
P.O. Box 530                                                     Email:
Clarksville, MO 63336                                               

Chautauqua GFWC
"Unity in Diversity"
Serving Clarksville and Louisiana,
the Chautauqua chapter of the General  
Federation of Women's Clubs offers women
both social and service opportunities.  The
club plans service projects to benefit a variety
of community organizations that  include:
the Raintree Arts Council,
Clarksville Volunteer Fire Department,
Avenues in Need, the Clarksville Library and
Missouri Girl's Town.

The Chautauqua club meets monthly
September through May at 7:00 in the
evenings.  Meetings are held at member's
homes or at the Clarksville Boat Club

Club President is
Judy Dew
For additional information or to join us at our
next regularly scheduled meeting
please contact Holly Mabry at:
Mary Dockery - 4th District President
Holly Mabry - 4th District Treasurer
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          The February 1, 2010
    meeting of GFWC
    Chautauqua took place at
    the home of Ann
    Handford.  Elizabeth Wills
    was the co-hostess.  
           The program for the
    evening was Antique
    Flowers.  Eileen and
    Chuck Hoffman, owners of
    Hoffman Gardens, gave
    the program.  
           The eleven members
    attending the meeting
    reported 288 volunteer

Helen Boyd from the Raintree Arts Council was the guest speaker at
the January 3rd meeting of GFWC        Chautauqua.  Helen spoke to
15 club members at the home of
Linda Frank.  Todd Seward served
as co-hostess.  Helen spoke about writing a play for Raintree called
Rumble Strips and Curb Appeal.  Two of the Raintree performers,
and Jessica Herring, joined Helen in a reading of selected
play sections. Members enjoyed this delightful and humorous play and
the opportunity to “laugh out loud” at the visiting cast members. The
next meeting of GFWC Chautauqua will be at 7:00 on February 7, 2011
at the Elgin-Cottrell mansion in Clarksville.
On February 21, 2011 fourteen members of GFWC Chautauqua visited the
Elgin -Cottrell Mansion in Clarksville.
Richard Cottrell presented information concerning  the history of the
home.  He shared details of
steps taken to restore the beautiful home and led Club members on a tour.       
GFWC Chautauqua meets each month
September through May and is a
service organization.
Please contact
Ann Handford of Louisiana or Judy Dew of Clarksville for
membership information.  
The next meeting of GFWC Chautauqua is
March 7, 2011 at 7:00 pm at the
home of Ginger Kottwitz.
GFWC Chautauqua met at the
home of
Ginger Kottwitz on
Monday, March 7, 2011.  
Ann Handford served as
co-hostess.  Fourteen members
shared information about their
favorite books and authors and
enjoyed a variety of delicious
desserts and appetizers.  A book
exchange followed the business
meeting.  Food goods and
donations were accepted at the
meeting for the Feinstein Food
Challenge for Girls Town.  

The next meeting of GFWC
Chautauqua will be
April 4, 2011
at the home of
Sue Warzochain
Louisiana.  Exchange students
visiting Pike County will be
attending the April meeting. The
meeting theme will be a cooking
demonstration by Sue celebrating
the native countries of the student

For more information about
GFWC, please contact
of Louisiana or visit the
Clarksville city website.

The General Federation of Women’s Clubs is an
international women’s organization dedicated to
community improvement by enhancing the lives of
others through volunteer service.  In Missouri the
main project of GFWC is Missouri Girls Town, a
residential facility outside of Kingdom City.
In April, GFWC Chautauqua president, Ann
Handford, will be delivering can goods, food
products, and monetary gifts to Girls Town to
meet the Feinstein Challenge.  Each year Allen
Feinstein gives $1,000,000 to agencies and
organizations to fight hunger.  Donations from
GFWC Chautauqua and other GFWC Missouri
chapters are being delivered to Girls Town
throughout March and April.  

The greater the gift given to Girls Town, the
greater the grant from the Feinstein Challenge.  
Please contact Ann Handford, if you would care to
donate can goods for Girls Town.
GFWC Chautauqua member and president elect, Judy Dew
contributes to the “Brag Bank for Girls Town” at the January
meeting in Clarksville held at the home of Marge Gray.
Fourth District president, Mary Dockery prepares to share her
good news with the group after Judy finishes.  At the close of
each meeting, members are invited to pay a token donation
for Girls Town and celebrate their family and personal
successes. Julie Stephens introduced the “Brag Bank” idea to
the club last year.  GFWC Chautauqua meets monthly on the
first Monday at 7:00 pm.  The next meeting will be February 6,
2012 and will be a “Game Night” to benefit Girls Town.  Please
call Ann Handford of Louisiana, Mary Dockery of Clarksville
or leave a note at the Louisiana Library for Holly Mabry, if
you would like to be a guest at the February meeting or to
learn more about GFWC.
On Monday, April 2, 2012, GFWC Chautauqua
celebrated the initiation of new officers.  Elected for the
2012-14 term are:  Todd Seward, secretary, Julie
Stephens, treasurer, Marge Gray, vice-president, and
Judy Dew, president.  Assisting with the installation are
Fourth District president, Mary Dockery and past GFWC
Chautauqua president, Ann Handford.  Not show is
newly elected historian, Sue Warzocha.  The club also
finalized plans for a fund-raiser for the Clarksville fire
department scheduled for April 28th from 10-2:00 pm
at the Clarksville firehouse.  The proceeds from the fish
fry will be used to purchase pagers and turnout fire gear
for the firemen.  Please join us on Saturday the 28th,
enjoy a fish sandwich and chips and learn more about
On May 7, 2012, members of GFWC Chautauqua of Clarksville visited Hoffman
Gardens in Louisiana and held their meeting in Eileen and Chuck’s beautiful home.  
Those who toured the gardens before the meeting were given a wonderful introduction
to the variety of gorgeous Iris grown by owners Eileen and Chuck Hoffman. Members
also received a surprise tour of the Hoffman’s home.  In other Chautauqua news, a
recent display at the Louisiana Library celebrated GFWC Federation day, April 24th
and members; Ann Handford, Holly Mabry, Judy Dew and Mary Dockery attended the
GFWC of Missouri Convention on May 1-3rd.
Members of GFWC Chautauqua met at the home of
Linda Frank on Monday, October 7th.  Sue Deines
served as Linda’s co-hostess.  Each lady brought
hand-made decorations showing unique places to
visit in Missouri in honor of Missouri Day.  Some of
the destinations were spooky and others were
elegant, but all were interesting and “unique”.  The
decorations will be on display at the Louisiana
Public Library.  Members Ginger Kottwitz and Sue
Deines reported on the Open House at Girls Town,
the GFWC of Mo. Special project.  Celebrating 60
years of offering hope to young girls, Girls Town is
an outstanding place full of dedicated people who
see the potential for each “client”.  If you would like
more information on Girls Town or if you are
interested in learning more about GFWC
Chautauqua, please contact Judy Dew of Clarksville
or “check-in” with Holly Mabry at the Louisiana
Front Row:  Todd Seward, Sophomore Pilgrim Carley Heil, Julie Stephens, Sue Deines
Back Row: Linda Frank, Ann Handford, Ginger Kottwitz, Debra Woodall, Mary Dockery, Sue
Warzocha and K.C. Chilton
    Members of GFWC Chautauqua and a guest met recently at
the Louisiana Public Library for an interesting program given
by Carley Heil.  Last spring Carley attended the Sophomore
Pilgrimage to Jefferson City which is sponsored by General
Federated Women’s Clubs of Missouri.  Carley, who
represented Louisiana High School, shared her experiences at
the state capital.  While there she toured the Governor’s
mansion, Capitol building and the Supreme Court building.  
She was able to hear the Governor speak as well as other
government dignitaries.  
    GFWC Chautauqua is looking forward to its annual
Christmas celebration in December.  If you are interested in
finding out more about this service organization call Judy Dew
at 573-242-3794.
from Mayor Smiley,
March 21, 2014
GFWC Chautauqua Initiates New Officers

GFWC Chautauqua had their monthly meeting recently at the Louisiana Library.  Hostesses for the
evening were Sue Deines and Ginger Kottwitz.  Each member brought a monetary gift of love to be
given to Missouri Girls Town.  Initiation of new officers was done by Katie Traynor of GFWC Aeolian.  
The new officers are: President-Sue Deines, Vice President-Julie Stevens, Secretary-Judy Dew,
Treasurer-Holly Mabry, and Historian-Sue Warzocha.  The program was an enjoyable evening playing
the card game Hand and Foot.  Anyone interested in joining the General Federation of Women’s Club
can check the Clarksville official website or contact Judy Dew at 242-3794.