Ramsey Creek Baptist Church
  City of Clarksville, MO
Ramsey Creek Baptist Church
Pastor... John Bateman
Youth & Music Minister....
Rod Ohmes
Located on Hwy. W
7 miles S of Clarksville
2 miles N of Paynesville
20389 Hwy. W.
Clarksville, MO 63336
email: johnbateman@ramseycreek.org

The 1900's began with Ramsey Creek showing
support for new church development as
well as growth at home.  New work was
supported in surrounding areas as well as in
Kentucky.  In 1911, it was decided to increase
the number of worship services from one per
month to two with a pastor's salary increase from
$300 to $500 per year.

On June 10, 1962 a new, modern education wing
was dedicated.  This addition included four
classrooms, a dining area, kitchen, indoor
restroom, and central heat.  In 1965 the Historical
Society placed a marker in front of the church
recognizing its long history as being the oldest
Baptist Church in continued existence West of the
Mississippi and North of the Missouri Rivers.

Times took a serious toll on the vitality of the
congregation, and the 1970's found this small
group facing the real possibility of closing the
doors.  In 1973, however, a bold step was taken
and a pastor was called to preach every Sunday.  
Evening Bible Studies were added, and later
Wednesday night prayer meetings, choir practices
and a bus ministry.  Growth was slow, but steady
and by 1979 more classrooms and a baptistery
were added.    
The 1900's again found this congregation
planning for more growth.  With the talent of
men from the church and volunteer help from
Alabama, the fellowship area was enlarged, the
kitchen remodeled and expanded, and more
classroom space added just in time for "the
Great Flood of 1993".  During this summer
and fall countless meals were served to people
affected by the flood.  The church was a
distribution point for supplies, and people from
many areas came to stay and assist flood

In 1994, for the first time ever in the church's
178-year history, a full time pastor was called.
 Soon, the need was recognized that a second
morning worship service should be added, so
in 1999 an 8:30 a.m. service was added to the
weekly schedule.  In 2001  the congregation
enetered the new millennium with another
building expansion program.  This multi-phase
program included a larger fellowship area,
additional classrooms, and a church office
with future plans for additional expansions.
In 1816, Stephen Ruddell, came West from
Kentucky to preach.  He settled in this area
and in 1817 built the first church of
unhewed logs and puncheon floor on land
given My Mr. Edmund Mountjoy.  It was
said to be a double square in size with split
log seats and the portholes used for an
outlook for unfriendly Indians.

This church building was used by all
denominations for several years and the
present brick building was built in
1887-1888.  This new sanctuary was to be
32X46' with 18 foot ceilings.  It was to
have a recess in the North end, three
windows on each side of the meeting
house and on each side of the recess, one
double front door, surmounted by
transoms, two front windows, and two
flues to be supplied by two stoves and the
roof to be of tin.  The building was
finished accordingly and nicely furnished.  
The cost of this new church building and
furniture was $2,038.38.  The opening
service was held the first Sunday of May