United Methodist Church
     City of Clarksville, MO
                                           UNITED METHODIST CHURCH
                Highway 79 and Stop Sign

                                          Serving Jesus Christ and the Community
                                                    of Clarksville since 1830.

                                                  Sunday Worship 9:30 a.m.    
                                                  Church School 10:30 a.m.

                       ABOUT THE CHURCH         
Clarksville United Methodist Church is part of the connectional United Methodist Denomination. The
church is committed to offering the love of Jesus Christ in the community and the world.  The church
has always been in ministry to the congregation and the community, assisting with flood relief, food
baskets for needy families, “Love Month” gifts for college students and those in long term care
facilities.    Canned goods and other staples are collected regularly and donated to specific families or to
the local food pantry.
As part of the larger United Methodist Church Clarksville supports United Methodist missions by
participating in the Festival of Sharing and the Heifer Project and has hosted Volunteers in Mission
Clarksville United Methodist Church participates in the Interchurch Council of Southern Pike County
oversees assistance to families in need in South Pike County.  Clarksville United Methodist Church
traditionally helps fill the need for additional food services during community events such as Apple Fest
and Eagle Days.         
Worship Services are held at 9:30 a.m. with Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each          
month.   Church school is at 10:30 a.m.  The congregation is warm and caring. A few years ago the
children’s Sunday school theme was “We Are Family”.  Family describes Clarksville United Methodist
Church; it is a congregation with close bonds within that extend into the community.  
The church tries to practice the
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors theme of the United
Methodist Church.
The history of Clarksville United Methodist Church has deep roots.  The first regular services were held
by Thomas Johnson in 1830.  The church was formed in 1835 with fourteen members.  The first
building was three lots south of the present church.  The retaining wall has been preserved.
The present church was built in 1907-08.  The exterior has changed little; however, the original roof was
tin.  The stained glass windows were installed shortly after the completion of the church.  The bell, dated
of 1844, came from the first building.
In 1988 Clarksville United Methodist Church and Centenary United Methodist Church in Louisiana
became a two point charge.  This has helped to develop a special bond between the congregations. The
churches share the same minister Rev. Jeanne Webdell and the same organist Joanna Brock.
                                   THE MINISTER
Rev. Jeanne Griswold Webdell., who is a graduate of Eden Theological Seminary in .                       St.  
Louis, entered ministry in the United Methodist Church in 1996.  She has served
in Clarksville and Louisiana since 2003.