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Board of AdjustmentsRusty Black

Building Commission Rusty Black

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Commission to Address Real Property Tax - Linda Harmon

Community BettermentMike Brewer

Dangerous BuildingsRusty Black

Emergency ManagementMike Russell

Employee/HandbookAll Board of Aldermen

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Historic Preservation – Mike Brewer

Marketing  – Jo Anne Smiley

Planning & ZoningLinda Harmon

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River Front Park Jo Anne Smiley

River Heritage/Visitor CenterMike Brewer

Water Plant All Board Members
City of Clarksville, Missouri  
              Jo Anne Smiley, Mayor
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Clarksville, MO 63336      
 Next Regular meetings: Thursday, July 9, 2007 -6:30 p.m.
                                       Monday, July 19, 2007 - 2:00 p.m.
 Greenwood Cemetery Board meeting: Thursday, July 19, 10:00 a.m.
 RFPAC Meeting: Saturday, July 7, 2007 - 9:30 a.m.
 Planning Zoning  - Sunday, July 22, 2007, 2007 - 5:30 p.m.

                         of the

Whereas:        the Clopton Lady Hawks brought home the Class 2A
                       Basketball Third Place Trophy from state finals in
                      Columbia, MO and

Whereas:         the Clopton Lady Hawks are a proud basketball team
                        Representing Clopton High School and

Whereas:         the team and Coach Spoonster put together a rebuilding
                        season that out-shined most others and          

Whereas:        the Clopton Lady Hawks have bought distinction to each
           member of the team and

Whereas:     this achievement brings honor to Clopton Schools and the
                    entire Clarksville community

   of the City of Clarksville, Missouri  proudly convey
   appreciation to Coach Spoonster & the Clopton Lady Hawks
   and urge all citizens to recognize Clopton Lady Hawks and
   rejoice in their SWEET VICTORY!

  In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be  
  affixed hereto the Seal of the City of Clarksville, this 29th day of
  March 2007.

April 9, 2007
Along the River
On Wednesday of this week two new members of the
Clarksville Board of Alderman, Linda Harmon and Rusty
Black, and re-elected Mayor, Jo Anne Smiley will be
sworn into office.  The election race included numerous  
persons who chose to participate by seeking an office or  
by supporting candidates.  Each of those persons
deserve respect and appreciation for their interest and
their efforts.  As I believe that there is much to be gained
from those who hold differing ideas, I also believe that
greater citizen involvement in City Government is key to
the future of Clarksville.

Two recent proclamations from the Mayor’s Office are
important to mention here.  Shelley Fichett was
recognized for her commendable service to Clarksville
and the surrounding area as dance instructor in Howard  
Street Dance Studio. Shelley’s contribution to the lives of
her students and to the audiences for whom these
students perform has brought distinction to herself and
to the City of Clarksville.  If you have not heard that
Shelley was so recognized, please offer congratulations to
her the next time you see her.

A Proclamation was also extended to the Clopton Lady
Hawks.  Although this team received much recognition by
winning the Third Place Trophy in State Finals in
Columbia, MO the City chose to recognize that this honor
bought notice not only to the team and to Clopton   
Schools, but also to the City of Clarksville.

All residents of Clarksville and the surrounding area share
pride in this ‘Sweet Victory’.  Appreciation is likewise due to
the team and coaches for taking time to meet on the Terracing
Steps in the Clarksville Riverfront Park for a photo taken from
a boat out in the river as the Proclamation was made.

Clarksville City Hall proudly displays a new City Seal.
 (adopted by Ordinance on February 22, 2007 and
received March 13, 2007)

The new City Seal now hanging in the Community
   room of Clarksville City Hall is the design and
   creation of Mike Brewer.  

At the center of this art piece is a carved Eagle backed
   by clear skies and the mighty Mississippi River.
  As Missouri was the 21st state of the union, there
  are 20 stars in the outer circle and one large star
  above the eagle representing the state with a
  smaller inner star representing the City of

Below the eagle, grasped in its’ talons, is the 1817 date
  of establishment surrounded by an oak leaf wreath
  symbolizing strength, stability, honor and
  endurance.  Around the entire seal is a rope frame
  tying all of Clarksville together.  
Press Release
Clarksville City Seal
May 7, 2007
Mayor’s report to Board of Alderman

My report each month is made in an effort to communicate  
regarding the happenings in and for the City of Clarksville.   
Each day is filled with events large and small that are  
otherwise known in the main only to those of us in the office.   
When fragments of the happenings are passed around  
without the facts and from someone who was not present at  
the time, usually the story changes greatly by the time it gets  
back to those involved. So, I report the facts, as we know
them  to be, involving items of greatest interest and
importance that have already happened and the agenda of
the meeting allows questions and comments on most items
with which the Board is to deal.

Tonight a large number of the items that I would report on to
you will be addressed by the persons who are responsible in
a variety of areas….Water, Streets. Cemetery, Marketing, Park,
and more.  Beyond that however, I want to let you know that we
have forwarded our Emergency Information to the printer and
have already received a large amount of the materials which
will be placed in a package to be delivered to you home as
soon as we receive the yet-to-be printed flip chart of
emergency information.  Pike County Emergency
Management, Pike County Community Task Force and the
State Emergency Agency are collectively working with local
communities in Pike County to provide information and
instruction regarding action to be taken in the event of
emergencies, i.e. tornadoes, blackouts, epidemics etc.
Permission has been given by the Baptist Church here on
#79 to list their basement as a Tornado Shelter and the
center back room of City Hall will also be available.  For Black
Outs, the American Legion Building has graciously allowed
their facility to be used in that kind of emergency.

Possibly the most important thing for Clarksville is for
neighbors to inform neighbors, and to let City Hall know in
order that arrangements can be made to respond to critical
needs.  For example if persons are wheel chair bound, bed
fast, on oxygen, on crutches, blind, aged, alone, in the event of
emergencies, in order to assist, we need to know. Conditions
and circumstances change readily and failure to have
updated information could cost lives.  Mike Russell has
agreed to serve in this area of Emergency Management and
as this process proceeds there will be additional information.
One of the joys of representing Clarksville is in participating in celebrations involving and recognizing citizens of our community.  Such an opportunity  
took place in Hannibal on Wednesday, April 25 when Maisie Keeser of the Clarksville Garden Club was installed as President of the Federated
Garden Clubs of Missouri.  This honor not only belongs to Maisie but is shared by the members of the local club, many of whom were present for the
week long convention and for the installation banquet evening.  We are proud of the club, what they do for and in this community and certainly of this
outstanding honor for Maisie.  We will be presenting her with a recognition plaque in the near future.

On Saturday, April 28, 2007 the Clarksville Marketing Committee met and organized with Paul Chilton agreeing to serve as Chairman and Glenette  
Boatman accepting the responsibility of Secretary.  The Agenda included defining goals, determining methods for achievement of the goals, assigning
individual responsibilities, and preparing to meet marketing demands on a limited budget.  As with all committees, this body will discuss, plan and
decide on recommendations to make to the Board of Alderman.  At the moment a major effort is to produce and disseminate Press Releases for
Clarksville to all areas of media within a 300 mile radius of this area.  The first release was sent to local papers to publicize locally the “Friends of the  
Cemetery”  Day this Saturday, May 12, 2007 beginning at 9:00 a.m.  The purpose of this day is to familiarize persons interested in the cemetery with  
what has already been accomplished in this beautiful place and to have the opportunity to share comments and suggestions with members of the
Cemetery Board.  

Often the concept held by those not serving in an official capacity is that there is nothing that they can do to alter plans being considered.  Quite the
contrary, when residents choose to share their thoughts and information, those who make the final decisions have a greater probability of moving in  
the most appropriate direction for Clarksville.  As visions for the future are developed into plans, cooperation, collaboration and compromise are vital
elements.  The committees at work do just that and you can count on it.  In every instance your voice is welcome and important.

Finally, in mid-July, Judy Gomel will leave the office of City Clerk and begin a long desired career as an Elsberry Public School Teacher.  Judy has  
shared this dream for more than a year and even adjusted her schedule here to accommodate her efforts.  Now is reality time and we must prepare for    
the transition.  Applications are in, the Board will review them, and interviews will be scheduled.  Once a decision is made, Judy will begin training the  
person selected.  On a personal note, I must tell you that what Judy Gomel has brought to the position of City Clerk will not easily be replaced.  She  
had helped to create a welcoming atmosphere with her gentle and kind approach to all.  Although we will miss her mightily, we do however rejoice with    
her as she begins a new journey.

And now on to the business at hand!

May 24, 2007
Report to Board of Alderman

Today the meeting of the Pike County Mayors’ Association was held at Tievoli Resorts.  During that meeting,
we presented Crown Valley Port House a commendation for the extensive publicity they are bringing to Pike
County.  Their vision and their efforts continue to expand as does their investment and the message they want
me to bring to you is that they are here for us and with us and they are here to stay!  Lunches are now available
to the public in the Port House Bistro and include sandwiches, salads, pizza, and specials of the day.

On Wednesday morning of this week, I accepted the invitation of Eagle 102 KJFM to be interviewed regarding
the community of Clarksville.  The questions posed during those three hours consisted of a broad overview of
Clarksville today.  The invitation further included the opportunity to participate in this way on a monthly basis
and to contribute to their web site as they will also link to the City Web Site.

Eagle 102 KJFM Radio station is to be commended for their investment in Pike County Tourism and
I, on your behalf, expressed appreciation for the inclusion of and attention to Clarksville.

This past week end again brought positive recognition to Clarksville.  The Great River Rendezvous event was
supported by Clarksville, Louisiana, Audubon Missouri, American Canoe Association and the Army Corps of
Engineers and was a beautiful and impressive opportunity for the Dedication of the Pool 24 Mississippi River
Water Trail.  

The presence for this occasion of Pamela Dillon, Executive Director of the American Canoe Association,
Springfield, Virginia and District Commander of the St. Louis District of the Army Corps of Engineers,
Colonel Lewis F. Steliff  III provided their personal review of Clarksville’s activities in and on the Park
and well as consideration of the concepts of the Master Plan for this City, which includes the cooperative
agreement with these agencies and others.  The positive and encouraging reaction to the day, to the town and
the area, and to the yet untapped opportunities surrounding us was prolific.  The vision for the future as
described by members of Clarksville River Front Project Advisory Committee members, by residents of the
City and of Pike County were well received and the enthusiasm continued to grow as the day progressed.

On Wednesday May 9th, as you approved, Alderman Harmon and I attended the DNR meeting held for
the purpose of discussing our permit changes and the potential impact on municipal infrastructure.  Then on
May 14th we attended the USDA Owner’s Workshop as facilitated by Donna Martin our representative from
CDBG, and presented by Midwest Assistance Program personnel.  At the next Board of Alderman workshop
meeting, Alderman Harmon and I will share some of the information we received and we will begin the discussio
of how we plan for the future with new guidelines and regulations in place regarding distribution and waste water
To the residents of Clarksville and the audience present for this meeting I report that in the regular Board of Alderman meeting of May 7, 2007, North Ward
Alderman, Mike Russell, made a motion to promise a vote on the approval of the NAP Credit application as soon as it can be reviewed in an open meeting to make
sure that the project presented is not in conflict with existing plans and ordinances.  It was agreed by the Board that a special meeting would be called within 3 – 5
days of receiving the full application in order to address the matter in a timely fashion.  On Monday of this week the Board of Alderman scheduled, posted and held
a special meeting for the purpose of considering this HCI – Main Street NAP application.

As the application was not presented, the Board determined that in order to comply with the approved motion and to follow the Department of Economic
Development’s statement that the Board may require supporting documentation and/or a copy of the actual NAP proposal, that the request for the full application
would again be made in order that the full set of documents would be reviewed and available in an open meeting as previously determined.  

Today, each member of the Board has a copy of the Application and has had opportunity to review its content including letters of support (two of which were
written by members of the Board of Alderman).  The issue is on the Agenda under unfinished business, but with the approval of the board we can move it forward
and address it at this time.  
(The application was certified)
June 21, 2007
Report to Board
Keisha Danielle Yates receives certificate of recognition
for outstanding accomplishments in Clopton High School
from Clarksville Mayor, Jo Anne Smiley

Maisie Keeser receives
plaque from
Mayor Jo Anne
.  The Clarksville Garden
Club met on June 28, 2007 at the
Clarksville Boat Club.
Maisie has been elected to serve a
2 year term as the Missouri State
Garden Club President .
     The packets of Emergency Management information were delivered to each home as
the water meters were being read last week.  Several appreciative comments have been received.  If
you find that anyone failed to receive their packet, there are extras here at City Hall.  A big THANK YOU
goes to Kathy Weiss and South Ward Alderman Linda Harmon who completed the project.

     The anticipation of and now the successful opening of Eagle’s Bluff Golf Course and
the work in evidence on the parking lot for the Sky Lift has heightened the number of requests for
information from the City Web Site.  The greatest numbers of hits are for EVENTS and ATTRACTIONS

In the Missouri Municipal League Conference held last week in Jefferson City the program included
sessions on Board of Alderman Powers and Duties presented by a City Attorney and a serving Board of
Alderman.  Other sessions included The Hancock Amendment, Revenue Sources, Planning and
Zoning, Budget Process, Records Law, Procedures and Management etc. and all were presented by
persons presently serving in office.  When hundreds of Officials from across the state join together and
share visions, concerns, challenges, and fruitful results of the labor of City Government, renewal is the
word that first comes to my mind.  Thank you Clarksville Board of Alderman for directing me to attend.

The GOOD things that happen in and for Clarksville continue to mount.  Across the street in just a few
days the doors will open on a convenience mart.  Jill and  Gary are feverishly working to provide
residents and visitors alike with the market items absent from our lives in the past few weeks.

CBC Bank provided a free breakfast seminar yesterday during which time they introduced a special
program called “Clarksville Housing Initiative”.  The information provided included products offered for
the purchase and improvement of property, and the development of the Clarksville Community.  If you
have questions or interest, please call 242-3517 and ask to speak to Jackson Jones.  He will be glad to
fill in the blanks.

The flags on either side of the Entrance to the Park are a great addition.  THANK YOUs go to Hugh
Hanna, Joe Mabry and Dan Buckley.  

Jo Anne Smiley, Mayor