City Clerk, Jennifer Calvin

    Utilities System Operator
    Under the direct supervision of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen, the Utilities
    System Operator schedules work, keeps and maintains all records required for
    Water and Waste Water, manages all utility billing and reports weekly in staff
    meetings and monthly to the Board of Aldermen.

    Water & Waste Water Operator, Kathy Weiss with operating certificates
    issued by MDNR for Drinking Water, Distribution and Waste Water,  is
    responsible for all water plant operations, for the completion of necessary
    testing,  for recording meter readings into the computer system for billing and
    for performing work with waste water system as required.

    Street & Maintenance Operations
    Under the direct supervision of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen, duties include
    performing tasks associated with construction and maintenance of all streets, sidewalks,
    alleys, and drainage systems located within the city limits as well as maintenance of city
    owned property.  Snow removal from all streets and assisting other employees with
    related duties are included responsibilities.

    Maintenance of Park, Cemetery, City Properties
    Under the direct supervision of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen, the duties of this
    position include mowing, grading, and other road,street and alley maintenance
    responsibilities in and on City Owned properties including City Park, and Greenwood
    Cemetery and assisting other employees with related duties as assigned.

    City Collector, Ramsey Woodall

    The City Collector is an elected position that reports directly to the Mayor
    and Board of Aldermen.  Duties include various clerical and administrative
    duties associated with collecting municipal real estate, personal property
    taxes, auto tags, merchants licenses and peddlers licenses as required by
    City Ordinances and State Law.
Born and reared in Clarksville, graduate of Clopton High School and Westminister
College in Fulton with a bachelors degree in business administration, Ramsey
has recently completed her MBA and is currently employed by CBC Bank here
in Clarksville.

Ramsey describes herself as the proud mother of Reeve, now three years old,
and an energetic and determined person who is anxious to give back to the
community that raised her.  She looks forward to serving Clarksville as City
City of Clarksville, Missouri  
                           Jo Anne Smiley, Mayor
     Clarksville City Hall                                         Phone: 573.242.3336
     111 Howard Street                                          Fax: 573.242.3450
     P.O. Box 528                                                     Email: cityclerk@clarksvillemo.us
     Clarksville, MO 63336                                     www.clarksvillemo.us
Accountant,  Melody Deweese
. . . Born and raised in Louisiana, with
grandparents in Clarksville, I have always
felt like this was home.

. . . I have 3 children, Justin, Emalee, and

. . . Enjoys working with the people of the
community and takes great pride in my work.

. . . Likes to relax on the river and spend time
with my kids.
City Water/Sewer Operator