Garden Club
"Grow Where You Are Planted"
Member of:
National Garden Clubs, Inc.
Central Region   
Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri, Inc.
Northeast District

Monthly Meeting  
Fourth Thursday
1:00 p.m.

CLUB OFFICERS 2010-2011:
President – Val Concannon
Vice President – Helen Mustell
Secretary - Holly Mabry
Treasurer – Linda Blakey
City of Clarksville, Missouri  
Jo Anne Smiley, Mayor
Clarksville City Hall                                                        Phone: 573.242.3336
111 Howard Street                                                                  Fax: 573.242.3450
P.O. Box 528                                               Email:
Clarksville, MO 63336                                          
The Clarksville Garden Club met April 19 at the Clarksville
Boat Club.  Wayne Smiley presented the program  “History
of Arbor Day.”  Elizabeth Wills and Kathy Ogden welcomed
19 members and one guest.  The members planted a White
Swamp Oak tree in the Clarksville Riverfront Park.   

Missouri State Garden Club
President Maisie Keeser and
husband Harlow are joined and
congratulated by Mayor Jo Anne
Smiley and husband Wayne.
Clarksville Garden Club Members
Val Concannon, First Place winner in Garden Art Show

John Miller, Purple Martin
volunteer state advocate,
presented the program,
“Maintaining a Safe Home for the
Purple Martins”, to the Clarksville
Garden Club May 24th.  Wayne
Smiley, co-hostess, and Linda
Harmon welcomed 3 guests and
14 members.  The members
welcomed Pam Stevens as a new
member. The next meeting will be
Thursday June 28th 1 pm at the
Clarksville Boat Club.  Eileen Reid,
State Bird Chairman, and Robert
Reid, will present the program
“Eastern Bluebirds”, our state
bird.  Melva Lovell, hostess, and
Holly Mabry, co-hostess will
welcome guests and members.  
Mayor Jo Anne Smiley
presents certificate of
recognition to  Maisie Keeser,
Missouri State President
Robert Reid, Bluebird Birdhouse
enthusiast, assisted Pat Feilner in
the construction of a bluebird house.
Pictured left of right:  Dale Dickerson, Kourtney Dickerson, Carolyn
Dickerson, Deaven Omohundro, Breanne Gregory, and Mrs. Mary Dockery
Clarksville Garden Club  
Annual Picnic
enjoyed by members and
guests and held at the
Village of the Blue Rose
July 26, 2007
American Legion  *   Boat Club  *   Chamber of Commerce  *  Chautauqua GFWC
Garden Club  *  Lion's Club  *   Raintree Arts Council   *  VFW
Elizabeth Wills, twice past
President  of the Clarksville Garden
Club, was given a resounding
applause for her efforts and
patriotism. People’s Tribune has
printed five of her weekly articles:  
“What America Means To Me”.
September 27, 2007
Maisie Keeser, Missouri State President presented the
Clarksville Garden Club a certificate for their
commitment and support of the 2005-2007 National
Garden Clubs Project –Patriotic Trees.  September
2006 a white oak was planted in the Blue Star Memorial
Garden to honor Past, Present, and Future Members of
the Armed Forces.   
Sue Hall and Janet Church were
welcomed as new members.  Roll Call “Helpful Hints
for the Environment” was answered by 15 members.

Thursday December 20 members of
the Clarksville Garden Club enjoyed
a luncheon at the home of Linda
Blakey.  Linda and Helen Mirick,
co-hostess welcomed 15 members to
a very pretty Christmas décor.  The
January meeting will be Thursday
January 24th 1 pm at the Clarksville
Boat Club.  Maisie Keeser,hostess,  
and Elizabeth Wills,co-hostess, will
welcome guests and members.  The
2008 program books will be

75th State
Garden Club Convention
Jefferson City, MO

and Mrs. Blunt
Eileen Reid
Governor's Mansion

Eileen, Reed, Pat Feilner, Linda Harmon
Governor's Reception
75th State Convention

First Place
Memorabilia Display
Val Concannon, Chairman
1940 - 1949
Wedding Dress
worn by Val's Mother


Garden Clubs

    Val Concannon and Janet
    Church, members of the
    Clarksville Garden Club,
    displayed their painting talent
    in the 3rd annual "Garden
    Walk" State Art Show May
    6, 7, 8th at the 75th
    Anniversary FGCM
    Convention, Jefferson City,
    Missouri.  The artwork must
    relate to a "garden theme"
    such as flowers, birds,
    landscapes, etc.  The three
    categories were paintings,
    photography and yard art.  
    Val's entry, irises oil painting
    medium,  and Janet's entry,
    migrating white pelicans
    water color painting medium,
    received honorable mention.
Sandy Warren, 313 N First Street, has been recognized as the July
Yard   of the month by the Clarksville Garden Club.  Janet Church,
Committee  member, presented the sign of recognition to Sandy
Saturday July 5.  Sandy's well manicured and colorful yard is a welcome
to visitors who come to view Lock #24 which is across the street.
The  yard of Donna and Mike Russell, 207 N Fourth, has been recognized as the August Yard of the month by the
Clarksville Garden Club.  Janet Church, Yard of the month committee member, presented the sign of recognition
to Donna Wednesday August 6.  The front porch swing invites one to relax and enjoy the colorful rock flower
gardens where butterflies and hummingbirds are enjoying the flowers.  
Val Concannon, member of the                          
Clarksville Garden Club, displays her               
 painting Bald Eagle which received 3rd           
 place in the Painting Catagory of the Art           
 Walk, at the 2009  MO State Garden                  
 Club Convention.
Shirley Buckley, Joyce Lewis, and Val
Concannon of the Clarksville Garden Club
present Mayor Smiley with a plant from the
Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri, under the
auspices of the National Garden Clubs, Inc. in
celebration of National Garden Club Week.
Clarksville Garden Club Yard of the Month Committee
recognized Rev Al and Glenette Boatman' yard, 207 S
1st, Clarksville for the month of August.  Within  the
white picket fence, which surrounds the yard, one will
be greeted by two friendly bassett hounds.  The yard,
destroyed by the 2008 flood, shows what effort and
attention can do to help grass, trees and flowers start
a new.
Jean Roseman, State President FGCM
2009-2011, presided over the installation of
the 2010-2011 NED Officers.  Left to right
Betty Lillard, present NED Director; Val
Concannon, assistant NED Director; Linda
Harmon, NED Secretary; Elizabeth Wills,
NED Treasurer.

Clarksville Garden Club Youth Chairman, Val Concannon presented a
certificate to Moriah Carnahan.  Carnahan won first place in obth the
state of Missouri and the seven-state Central Region of the National
Garden Club, inc. essay contest.  She is the daughter of Mark and
Christine Carnahan and attends Southwest Baptist University.

Members of Clarksville Garden Club visit
Santa Land in Clarksville Community Room of
Clarksville City Hall
Clarksville Garden Club May Yard
of the Month

The Clarksville Garden Club May yard of the
month has been awarded to
Charlie and
Shirley Simpson
.  They reside at 29993 Pike
239 in this lovely ranch home.  Along both sides
of the porch are many shrubs, bushes and
trees.  At the beginning of the front walk are
several knock out rose bushes and a dogwood
tree.  Unfortunately at this time the dogwood
had already bloomed but was a brilliant sight
earlier in April.  The whole yard is well
maintained with several trees edging the front
of the yard.
Garden Club members present a plant to Mayor Jo Anne Smiley  on June 6, 2011 in
Celebration of Garden Club Week.  The next meeting will be a picnic with husbands invited.
 It will be
Thursday June 23 at Noon at the home of Linda and Bill Blakey in Clarksville.
The Clarksville Garden Club yard of the month
Janet Church and Pat Feilner,
have chosen the
June yard of the month.  The
selected home and yard is that of
James F. and
Lois Colbert,
204 N. Main St, Eolia, Missouri.  
Their home is on the Pike County Historical
.  The home is very well maintained and
the yard has many floral garden areas
throughout the yard area, surrounding and
including the front of the home which has
beautiful blooming Dahlias in urns on each side
of the steps, plus shrubs and knock out rose
bushes along each side of the front and sides.  
The one side of the house includes a gorgeous
Magnolia tree.
The Clarksville Garden Club has chosen the home and yard
Sue and Oz Osborne, 802 S. Third, Clarksville, as
July yard of the month.  

The front yard has shrubs, knock out roses, geraniums, an
azalea bush, yard decorations, and a turtle crossing.  The
sides and back have hydrangeas, lilies, decorative flower
containers, and several other rose bushes.
After living in Clarksville for 42 years,
the yard of Jerry and Sharon LaRue,
703 Kentucky St, Clarksville has been
chosen by the Clarksville Garden Club
yard of the month committee, Janet
Church and Pat Feilner, as yard of the
month for August.  Standing with Jerry
and Sharon behind the club sign is their
Scottie, Daisy.  Jerry and Sharon’s yard
has several different kinds of shrubs and
bushes in the front yard including holly
bushes.  They also have potted petunias,
geraniums and other interesting plants
and at the corner of their driveway and
Kentucky they have a beautiful flower
garden.  Sharon also has several potted
plants on her back deck.

Purple Martin Program presented by John Miller

The Clarksville Garden Club yard of the month committee, Janet Church and Pat
Feilner, has chosen the yard of Tom and Nancy Whaley, 19246 Hwy D, Eolia, for
the month of August.  Both Tom and Nancy are nurses and enjoy their beautiful
log home and it’s landscape.  Their front yard includes hanging plants, a
beautiful dinner plate hibiscus, hostas, and many other shrubs and bushes.  In
addition they have a grand pond with water features and several fun bird houses
around the property.  Tom said he works with vegetables to take care of the
body and Nancy works with flowers to take care of the heart. It looks like they
have succeeded.