Lock & Dam #24
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The Clarksville Lock and Dam #24 was completed in 1940.  This lock spans the river at Clarksville, MO and consists of only
one 600-ft lock for an average lift of 15 feet.  This lock was the first one constructed under the 9-ft channel project without
roller gates.  This construction accomplishment was a major leap in lock and dam engineering at that time.  It has 15 gates
that control the flow of the mighty Mississippi River.  More than 90 million tons of commerce move on the river each year.

Lock and Dam 24 Interpretive Panels:
Four new interpretive panels have been installed at Lock & Dam 24 on the visitor
overlook.  The panels describe L&D 24, how an L&D works, and the importance of the
L&D system on the Mississippi River.  An additional panel shows a map of the river from
St. Louis to L&D 22 indentifying land management areas, L&D's, towns, and roads.  The
panels will enhance the overlook to help visitors better understand Locks and Dams and
the corps mission.