Clarksville Marketing Group
Clarksville, Missouri

Clarksville is located between the bank of the Mississippi River and a high bluff
which provides a panoramic view of the river, its flood plain and bluffs, and the
topography of the Missouri and Illinois landscapes beyond the bluffs’ edge.  On
the Illinois side the terminal moraine of the Illinois glacier can be seen.  On the
Missouri side the mini mountains known as Lincoln Knobs stretch like a range of
mountains to the western horizon.  Lock and Dam 24 can be viewed from an
aerial perspective, as well as the levee and dike systems installed to control
flooding and to maintain the navigation channel.  What remains of the
Mississippi Rain Forest can be observed.

Clarksville has three museums, a library, antique shops, and multiple artisan
shops owned and operated by highly talented artists and craftsmen.  Regular
performing arts programs are presented, having nationally respected musicians,
artists and actors.

A golf course rivaling any course in the country in its beauty is now open.

Scenic public highways and back roads provide striking vistas of the river valley
through pasture land dotted with magnificent trees and mansions.

Restaurants with diverse menus and lodging of all types are available.

The Mississippi River provides the venue for multiple bass and catfish
tournaments.  The fishery contains bass and catfish of all species native to the
river, along with walleye, sauger, sturgeon, buffalo, carp, drum, blue gill, crappie
and gar.

Clarksville is located just north of the convergence of the Illinois, Missouri and
Mississippi Rivers.  All migrating waterfowl on the Mississippi Flyway pass
through the Clarksville area each spring and fall.

Bald eagles winter around Clarksville to fish in the open water in the race below
Lock and Dam 24.  This makes the area a premier eagle viewing location.

Abraham Lincoln practiced law in the circuit in Pike County, Illinois across the
river from Clarksville.  Houses where he stayed and some of his presidential
staff lived are preserved.

Samuel Clemons piloted riverboats through the Clarksville area, and the river
described in Mark Twain’s writings is here to be seen, boated and touched.

Thank you, Clarksville Marketing Group!
From the first promotional meeting I attended several years ago, to those
now with the
Clarksville Marketing Group, one topic of concern is constant:  
“How do we reach St. Louis?”  This past week end,
CMG approached the
question by participating in the St. Louis Travel Show.  This opportunity
provided contact with 10,000 attendees from the greater St. Louis area.  

As persons entered the booth, exclamations of approval were abundant.
The City Seal was predominantly centered at the top corner, visible to all.
Product of the artists filled glass shelves at the front of the booth and pictures
representing offerings of the community: Mississippi River, Eagles, fishing,
boating, hunting, golf, B&B’s, Restaurants, Lock & Dam, Crown Valley Port
House, Antiques, the Appleshed, and Events held throughout the year covered
the 20 feet of wall space.

Most Show attendees as well as the managers of the Show reacted with
amazement to the volume and quality of offerings in a community the size
Clarksville.  Even those recalling previous visits enthusiastically accepted
the invitation for a return visit.  Numerous persons came to the Show seeking
a new and different day trip experience, others were looking for a week end
get-a-way.  Clarksville served the quest of both of these groups.

It was a joy and a pleasure to whole heartedly introduce our town to persons
who had not previously heard of Clarksville, Missouri.  It was equally exciting to
reacquaint many others with the charm and multiple new offerings of the City.  
It was clear as the days wore on that Clarksville stood tall among the 200 booths
representing Vacation Options.

If this sounds like a boast from a Proud Mayor, you are correct!  Members of
CMG produced one of the top five (5) booths in the St. Louis Travel Show
according to Show Managers.  Chairman
Jeanie Eisenhower guided
Lori Purk loaned her professional display walls for the booth;
Dawn Beckwith provided T.V. and Laptop equipment for viewing pictures of the
overall story of Clarksville offerings;
Stephanie Jones created an outstanding
informational brochure; artists provided materials and product for display; and
Linda and Bill Blakey worked without pause to set up the booth, guide people
through the booth, and finally dismantled the booth and transported it back to
Clarksville. Others who assisted included
Joanna Brock, Caron Quick,
Mike Brewer, Mary Ann Allison, Linda Blanke, Larry & Judy Dew,
and Wayne Smiley.   
Jo Anne Smiley, Mayor