Regular meetings:  Third Thursday  - 6:30 p.m.
City Seal
Board of Alderman Meetings
City of Clarksville, Missouri
         Jo Anne Smiley, Mayor
Clarksville City Hall                                                           Phone: 573.242.3336
111 Howard Street                                                                Fax: 573.242.3450
P.O. Box 528                                                  Email:
Clarksville, MO 63336                                     

Clarksville City Hall proudly
displays a new City Seal.
(adopted by Ordinance on
February 22, 2007 and
received March 13, 2007)

The City Seal hangs in the
Community room of Clarksville
City Hall is the design and
creation of Mike Brewer.  

At the center of this art piece is a
carved Eagle backed by clear skies
and the mighty Mississippi River.  
As Missouri was the 21st state of
the union, there are 20 stars in
the outer circle and one large star
above the eagle representing the
state with a smaller inner star
representing the City of

Below the eagle, grasped in its’
talons, is the 1817 date of
establishment surrounded by an
oak leaf wreath symbolizing
strength, stability, honor and
endurance.  Around the entire seal
is a rope frame tying all of
Clarksville together.  

Minutes of meetings are available from City Hall Office.