City of Clarksville, MO
City of Clarksville, Missouri
         Jo Anne Smiley, Mayor
Clarksville City Hall                                                           Phone: 573.242.3336
111 Howard Street                                                                Fax: 573.242.3450
P.O. Box 530                                                 Email:
Maisie Keeser receives
plaque from
Mayor Jo Anne
.  The Clarksville Garden
Club met on June 28, 2007 at the
Clarksville Boat Club.
Maisie has been elected to serve a
2 year term as the Missouri State
Garden Club President .

ATOG = All the Old Gals

just get together to have fun.  This is the 17th
such adventure and the 2nd time in Clarksville.
such adventure and the 2nd time in Clarksville.
(always Tuesday after the 4th of July)  They
come from all over the mid-west, three from
come from all over the mid-west, three from

Oklahoma, one from Michigan, one from Iowa,
one from Indiana, and the rest from MO.
Sunflowers at the Station
Thank you Garden Club for this
special addition to the event!
A sight on
Clarksville River Front
A summer

For more information
go to:
Candance Chambers, Wildlife Refuge
Specialist at the Great River and Clarence
Cannon National Wildlife Refuge presents
to Mayor Jo Anne Smiley for the City of
Clarksville two new display panels in the
Clarksville Visitor/ River Heritage Center.
 The panels are donated to the City of
Clarksville by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife
Service and describe the importance of the
Mississippi river valley for hundreds of
species of birds that migrate along the
river each spring and fall.
Mayor Smiley

    Here are two photos of our visit to Clarksville.
    We visited your city as part of our Kirk women family retreat.
    We are three generations of the Kirk family.

    Margaret Lillian Kirk, Dana Kirk Haubein, Carol Kirk Teicher,
    Janet G. Kirk, Corinne Sinclair Kirk, Stefanie Teicher

    We enjoyed visiting the many shops and talking with the artists.
    Thank you for introducing yourself and giving our visit your personal touch.
Stacey Leigh Designs
Flood of 2008
Ice Storm of 2007   
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for more information
St. Louis Visitors share a cup in
           The Pike County Sheriff's Department held a ribbon cutting on Thursday,
    January 14th to celebrate the opening of a substation on Front Street in
    Clarksville.  Several county and city officials were on hand along with citizens
    and representatives of the Chamber of Commerce.  From left: Caron Quick,
    Ramsey Woodall, Eastern District Commissioner Curt Mitchell, Sheriff Stephen
    Korte, Sgt. Josh Baker, Clarksville Mayor Jo Anne Smiley, Treas Vaughn,
    Jennifer Dixon and Ralph Quick.  Sheriff Korte said the substation will allow
    deputies working in that area to work more efficiently.  They will be able to
    make calls, file paperwork, perform interviews and more from the office.  
Shane Earley & Mayor Smiley

Mike Ashford
(stop over on way to Katy Trail)

State Representative Terry Witte
House Proclamation
Mayor's Proclamation
Happy 100 Birthday
Clarksville Library
Mayor's Proclamation Recipients - May 6, 2010
Storm Campbell & Mayor Smiley

    Picture Craig Felzien, AT&T, Senator Wes
    Shoemyer, Jo Anne Smiley, Clarksville Mayor and
    Curt Mitchell, Eastern Commissioner.

    Wednesday October 13, 2010:  Craig Felzien and
    Senator Wes Shoemyer were in Clarksville to
    announce the activation of a new cell site in
    Clarksville that will enhance cell coverage for
    residents, businesses and guests to the area.  
    Senator Shoemyer was presented a Certificate of
    Recognition from Clarksville by Mayor Smiley for his
    interest and efforts in escalating this step forward in
    service to the community.

Ice Cream Social
August 29, 2010
(in Riverfront Park)
Governor Jay Nixon
River Front Park  
November 9, 2010  
Round Table
Colonel O'Hara
November 10, 2010
Clarksville City Hall
Santa Land, Santa and his Reindeer 2010
Mardi Gras
(1st annual)
March 5, 2011
Preparation for flooding 2011
July 4th, 2011
OPEN for business
September 12, 2011
Well traveled special guest...more pictures ..September News Page
AT&T News Release from August 3,     
2012 found under Administration on     
Mayor's Report page
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