April NEWS
                  City of Clarksville
   April 28, 2012
To Clarksville Residents and Property Owners:

In order to provide uniform information regarding 2013 flooding conditions, this letter is offered
to ensure that Clarksville citizens are aware of the preparations that have been made to secure
the first point of impact which is Front Street and provide assistance throughout the City.

With the quantities stored, sandbags were filled on Wednesday, April 17, 2013.. Additional sand
for bags and rock for the wall were delivered on Thursday and Friday by volunteer trucks and
drivers to build a defense wall on Front Street.  Numerous volunteers arrived and much progress
was made under the direction of Kathy Weiss, our Emergency Management Director and Randy
Snell, Mayor Pro-Temp.  With assistance of Americorps of St. Louis and the arrival of the
National Guard efforts were implemented to meet the demands of the speedily rising River .

As in the past, the City provides to those who made the decision to defend their property
materials (sand, sandbags, plastic) and as much volunteer support as is available. Recognizing
that each resident or property owner has responsibility for the following actions:

1.        Determine potential needs and implement a flood defense for your property.
2.        Make arrangements to pump water from your basement, providing your own pumps and
electric power source or fuel.
3.        Lend a hand to neighbors in need.
4.        If our sanitary sewer system becomes inoperable, please cooperate by using portable
toilets provided.
5.        Remember that human safety is our number one priority.  Never take unnecessary risks
to protect property.
6.        Contact your health care provider for information regarding immunizations for exposure
to flood water and sewer water.

Please know that every effort is being made to defend the whole City of Clarksville during this
flooding event.  The difficult time will not end quickly and will affect us in yet undetermined
ways, not the least of which is the loss of business revenue.  Every individual can contribute a
positive attitude, can assist neighbors and can be grateful for the volunteer effort at this time.

Jo Anne Smiley