Flood of 2008
City of Clarksville, MO
City of Clarksville, Missouri
          Jo Anne Smiley, Mayor
Clarksville City Hall                                                           Phone: 573.242.3336
111 Howard Street                                                                Fax: 573.242.3450
P.O. Box 528                                                  Email: cityclerk@clarksvillemo.us
Highway 79 (Main Street through town
Front Street - Entrance to Park
City Museum
Post Office
Boat Club
River Front Park
Lock #24
Apple Shed
Highway 79
Water & Ice
Howard Street
Front Street
Food to Mall on #79
Cottrell House

    Some of those to whom appreciation is due are:  Pike County Emergency Management; Pike County
    Commissioners; Pike County Road Crew; Clarksville Special Road District; Pike County Health Department;
    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Clopton Schools; Holcim; Pike County Sheriff; Pike County Deputies; Missouri
    State Highway Patrol, Troop C; SEMA offices and officials; AmericaCorps St. Louis teams; FEMA offices and
    officials; Missouri Army National Guard; several Correction Facilities; American Red Cross; The Salvation
    Army; Elected State and Federal Officials; neighboring communities; persons supplying and serving food;
    the Clarksville community residents, and of major importance the VOLUNTEERS who sandbag.  Beyond
    those mentioned here are many who provided and/or drove trucks and other equipment as well as those
    all-around supporters who supplied water and ice and ran a multitude of errands.

    The Board of Alderman of the City of Clarksville, our Emergency Management Officer, our Operations and
    Logistics personnel and  I want to express grateful appreciation to those mentioned above (and all those
    behind the scenes and unidentified) for every effort and contribution extended in the on-going struggle to
    protect Clarksville from the flood.  In the days and weeks ahead your continuing efforts and concern will
    be very important.  The task is daunting and will not be accomplished quickly or with ease, but you can make
    the difference!  

    Jo Anne Smiley, Mayor 6/15/08
Boat Club
Front Street