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    David has been writing songs and performing professionally since 1987 and is well received virtually everywhere he
    performs. He owns an easy going and personable demeanor reminiscent of the great storytelling songwriters of the
    sixties and seventies. His songwriting is accessible at a very personal level, offering insight into the past and a hopeful,
    if cautious eye toward the future. He is also a gifted re-teller of some of our classic favorites; songs given to us by John
    Denver, James Taylor, Dan Fogelberg, Jim Croce, Harry Chapin, Cat Stevens and many others. All of his music is
    strengthened by vast and varied experience tempered by time, to say nothing of his articulate musicianship and vocal

    Throughout most of his childhood David was plagued by health problems, the worst of which was faltering kidney function.
    By the time he entered his teens it was apparent he was going to need dialysis or a transplant to stay alive. In high school,
    he started dialysis treatments and his family began the process of testing for the possibility of a related donor, and his
    mother was a nearly perfect match. During his sophomore year in high school, not long after his sixteenth birthday, he
    received one of his mother's kidneys.

    David graduated from high school in 1983, and started college that fall with an intended major in Graphic Art. In the
    summer of 1985, he met Cindie, his future wife, and subsequently transferred and changed his major to Music. Soon
    after Cindie graduated from college in 1988, they were married and moved to Branson, Missouri, where David was an
    entertainer at several attractions and an active member of the Ozark Songwriter's Association.

    In 1990, they packed everything into storage, and began the process of relocating to Tennessee where David planned to
    finish college and try his hand as a songwriter. That plan was never realized. David's transplanted kidney failed in the fall
    of 1990, and the couple moved in with David's parents. He resumed dialysis treatments, and waited for a new transplant.
    The wait was relatively short, and he received a second transplant from an unknown donor early in 1991.

    For the next few years, David performed regularly at several St. Louis area coffee houses, and was a repeatedly featured
    performer at the YMCA of the Ozarks in Potosi, Missouri. During this time David recorded "In the Balance", a cassette of 11
    original songs. He also recorded a live performance entitled "Alive & Well". In the meantime, he returned to school and
    finally completed a degree in Media Communications in 1994. In the fall of 1995 David and Cindie moved back to
    southwest Missouri. They live in a small log cabin in the Ozark foothills, which they have been continuously remodeling.
    They have no children, but with several dogs, life is never dull-or hair-free.
    Having lived through two kidney transplants, I can't help but look at life a little differently. Those days and nights in
    hospitals and dialysis wards were filled with too much time to contemplate "the meaning of it all" and has invariably
    influenced my priorities in life. As a songwriter and an artist, this perspective is a burgeoning asset, and a filter which
    distills uncommon insight from everyday life. I am all too aware of the brevity of time and the simple tragedy of wasting it.
    I have out-lived myself twice now. And I am still here, quite frankly, because someone else is not, so there is an obligation
    to make my time count. I think we all feel a need to contribute something important... something lasting. I once read that
    the best use of life is to "spend it on something which will outlast it." Bulls-eye! –DG

    To sample his music, go to or itunes.

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