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"A Gift of Congratulations from one Museum to another."
Terry Peebles, Richard Cottrell, Nathalie Pettus, Ken Russell
(Center Director) and Charlene and Ed Lawson (Members of the
Clarksville Museum Board of Directors).  Richard is presenting a
congratulatory card and gift from the Clarksville Museum to first
RHC Director, Ken Higgins.

The River Heritage Center provides additional reasons for tourists
traveling Scenic Byway #79 to stop in Clarksville.  It looks out onto the
Mississippi River, and the U. S. Lock and Dam #24, providing a close
vantage point to view all river boat and barge traffic and a 'front row seat'
in the midst of one of the largest winter migrating areas for the bald

The River Heritage section of the Visitor's Center concentrates on the
Mississippi River and its' significance in the livelihood of persons from  
early 1800.  It presents a powerful setting in which visitors are allowed to
explore their feelings about the river and experience greater
understanding of emotional connections with it.  

The presence of the river in the City is a major attraction for
Clarksville residents and all who visit here.  In further developing the
concepts for the River Heritage area of the Center, the River will be
central in consideration.  In addition, the approach to utilizing the Rivers'
presence will be proudly prominent in all publications and/or publicity for

This Center serves to help visitors discover Clarksville as a destination
of value and introduces the community as a place that is interesting and
friendly, filled with history, wildlife, good food, artisans, antiques, and
specialty shops                                                
                      Jo Anne Smiley, Mayor
A look inside!
The Fish Market
Button Making Machine and video history
Artist Melvin Barnes & Wife in front of his work

On Saturday July 1, 2006 the doors opened for visitors to enjoy the “River Heritage Center”, Clarksville’s newest attraction,
The RHC is located in the lower level of the City’s Visitor Tourist Information Center on Highway 79 at the very north end of
the town.

This Center contains large displays and hundreds of items and artifacts relative to the various cultural societies that lived
along the Mississippi, Illinois and Missouri rivers.  Displays span the last 100 years, but the emphasis is on tools and
equipment used during 1870-1970 period by the families living along the rivers.  Displays include, commercial and sport
fisheries, the mussel-shell pearl button industry, water fowling, furbearer harvesting, family fish markets, vintage boats and
outboard motors, and a typical river man’s workshop.

The purpose and mission of the River Heritage Center is to broaden the general public’s knowledge about past river cultures
and the tools and equipment they used to harvest and sell the fish and wildlife they harvested in and along the rivers.  
Regionally, The River Heritage Center fills a historical and educational gap between the Mark Twain and Cahokia
Mounds Museums and the Corps of Engineers Great River Museum in Alton, Illinois.

The River Heritage Center is managed as a not-for-profit entity.  To help pay operating expenses, a small admission fee of $3
will be charged for adults (less for youth and seniors).  The River Heritage Center does not receive any direct monies from
state or federal agencies.

Visitors to the new “River Heritage Center” can also visit the viewing platform at Lock and Dam 24 just across the railroad
tracks from RHC or the many artisan antique and gift shops downtown.  The Clarksville Antique Center and the Clarksville
Station are located at the south end of Clarksville on Highway 79.

Later this summer the Clarksville Sky Lift Ride to the summit of one of the highest points along the Mississippi River will
again.  For additional information about the River Heritage Center or other interesting places and events in and around the
Clarksville area call
573-242-3132 between 10:00 a.m.– 5:00 p.m. daily.
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May 16, 2008